TZCRC in 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re looking to provide more help and information to conservation in Tanzania this year, and looking forward to seeing more visitors through the office in Arusha.

Training and workshops

In 2013 we will host workshops on GIS, GPS, statistics and field survey methods. We will email workshop plans to our subscribers, and you can keep an eye on this page for updates. If you are interested in a custom training for your organisation, please get in touch!

  • March: GIS with QGIS
  • May: Aerial Survey Methods and Analysis
  • November / December: GIS with QGIS, statistics with R.


CRC works to make information on working and living in Tanzania widely available. In addition to the forms and procedures tracked at our office, we have pages on connecting to local networks and travelling around the region.

We recently updated our page on mobile internet costs in Tanzania – it can be quick and easy to use internet on arrival (through your cellphone or a ‘dongle’) but the variety of operators and bundles offered is bewildering. Have a look at the page for suggestions!

CRC hosts the 2012 GIS day

GIS day

GIS day is the celebration of GIS

Open day on map making and GIS at the Conservation Resource Centre, 14 November

The Conservation Resource Centre (CRC) is a small (but helpful!) non-profit educational organisation based in Arusha that works with students and researchers in science and conservation.

If you’re interested in learning about using maps, using a GPS, or making your own maps, the CRC is hosting an informal ‘open day’ for World GIS Day on the 14th of November, which will be an opportunity for hands-on use of GPS units, a chance to talk to people who use GPS and computerised mapping professionally, and to learn about free and open-source applications for making your own maps. Continue reading ‘CRC hosts the 2012 GIS day’ »


Wally Van Sickle is the founder and president of IDEA WILD, a non-profit organization that provides equipment grants to conservationists and educators. She will be attending the Pan African Ornithological Conference (Oct 14 to 21) in Arusha, Tanzania. I would like the opportunity to present to students and faculty on October 12 at any time for 30-60 minutes.  Continue reading ‘IDEA WILD’ »

New offices for CRC at the Anglican church

As the managing director of Tanzania Conservation ResourceCentre I am pleased to announce the new offices for CRC. As of the 1st of September 2012 we are now in new offices at the Anglican Church compound (link to map). Entering the gate you will have the church on your right hand side. Straight ahead you will find two office buildings. Our offices are in a small building behind the church offices which is the lowest one of the two – on the left hand side.

Continue reading ‘New offices for CRC at the Anglican church’ »

Internet access in Tanzania with an Iphone

My trusted travel mate is an Iphone 4. When I am in my home country I often share the internet connection by using the tethering functionality. This brings internet to my portable computer. On a native network like Telenor (I live in Norway) the relevant information is filled in automatically and the only thing I need to do is to turn on the Network sharing.

Using Vodacom in Tanzania this is not straightforward. This explains how you can use your iphone as a local internet router.

Continue reading ‘Internet access in Tanzania with an Iphone’ »

Cheaper mobile internet

We’ve updated our page on mobile internet bundles again. Zantel and Vodacom now providing some very reasonable bundles (less than 4 TSH per megabyte), much better than the competitors! See our ‘always-up-to-date’ link below.

Always-up-to-date mobile bundle information

… if you wanted to download a full-length movie from iTunes (~ 1.2 GB), the data cost is now less than the cost of the movie itself. Cheaper mobile internet is beginning to be a reality!

Stay tuned for updates on mobile internet reliability later this week.