Conservation Resource Centre

The Tanzania Conservation Resource Centre is a non-profit organization which supports researchers and students working in natural resource issues in Tanzania. We have a resource centre in Arusha providing services and information to anyone involved in research and natural resource conservation.

CRC has an office opposite the Blue Heron on Haile Selassie Road. Click here for the map.

CRC is registered as a company in Tanzania and has an MOU with the Conservation Resource Center 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States. We rely on contributions from our members as well as in-kind and cash donations from supporting individuals and organizations both locally and internationally.

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Research in Tanzania

Tanzania presents some excellent opportunities for research in many fields. It is important to understand all the procedures required to obtain permission to live and work in Tanzania – have a look at our overview of research application procedures.

CRC member services:

The Centre offers a place to work for members (including Internet and printing facilities), hosts training programmes, and assists researchers in applying for their research permits.

Library & information

  • Electronic and paper journal articles
  • Maps
  • GIS data and information
  • ‘How-to’ information on administrative issues in Tanzania.
  • Facilitation of research permit applications & immigration issues

Office Services for visiting & resident researchers and students

  • Computer access
  • Printing, copying & scanning
  • Internet access

  • Online journal access and searching.
  • GIS application and development;
  • R statistical applications;
  • Wildlife survey methods.