CRC update – april 2016

CRC is increasing its range of available services. With new management we have more ideas on how to be better in providing our members with help related to research and studies. We are also continuing our support for members needing help in facilitating permits. Aquiring visas and research permits will sometimes require visits to Dar es Salaam. …

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Tawiri arranges the 9th Tawiri Scientific Conference

The Organizing Committee of the 9th Biannual TAWIRI Scientific Conference would like to inform you that, the 9th TAWIRI Scientific Conference will be held from 4th-6th December 2013 in Arusha at Snow Crest Hotel. Theme: Sustaining Wildlife Conservation in Growing Socio-economic Demands.

CITES-MIKE forensic materials site

Howard Frederick has put together a draft CITES-MIKE forensic materials site! It is intended as a resource for the forensic investigation of elephant carcasses by patrol staff who are gathering data on elephant mortality for the MIKE programme. Howard explains that  the great majority of the information is from savannah elephant carcasses and we are …

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GIS training in Nairobi

ESRI Eastern Africa is arranging GIS training in Nairobi from the 25-26th of April 2013. They suggest the following particiants: Managers, Technicians and specialists in Land Planning, Survey, Adjudication, GIS, GPS, IT, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Land Ministries, Directorate of Lands and the Department of Defence. Says Esri Eastern Africa: “National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) are bestowed …

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CRC hosts the 2012 GIS day

Open day on map making and GIS at the Conservation Resource Centre, 14 November The Conservation Resource Centre (CRC) is a small (but helpful!) non-profit educational organisation based in Arusha that works with students and researchers in science and conservation. If you’re interested in learning about using maps, using a GPS, or making your own …

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Wally Van Sickle is the founder and president of IDEA WILD, a non-profit organization that provides equipment grants to conservationists and educators. She will be attending the Pan African Ornithological Conference (Oct 14 to 21) in Arusha, Tanzania. I would like the opportunity to present to students and faculty on October 12 at any time …

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