Internet services by ANM stakeholders:

There was the Arusha Node Marie stakeholders gathering on 16th of May, 2015.  Briefly, the meeting was about Internet services and to implement the benefits of the services to the community.

Tanzania Conservation Resource Centre is inspired by how ANM have been so supportive to the community, to see how people get more aware about the benefits come along with Internet services at free! or almost the free services to schools, Education and Research Institution. This support the community to improve the quality of the Education by using ICT services.

From the YouTube Video upload by the non-profit society(ANM), they say:

“An informal gathering for sharing ideas on how well the society can move forward. It took on board members of the society, its philanthropic beneficiaries, government officials as well as the Management Steering Committee.
Among other, Renewal program of education was demonstrated to the participants. “

Please watch the video, learn from it and also don’t forget to share it with family, friends, colleague and in your personal to official websites to spread the good news of this society.

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