The Conservation Resource Centre is a nonprofit organisation. Your membership fees go to running the organisation and providing services to all our members; for other services we charge at-cost to cover expenses.

CRC Membership fee:

  • One year membership for international researchers/students is $25. Enquire for details on a monthly fee for international students.
  • Tanzanian students may pay 10,000 Tsh for three months.

As a member:

  • You have access to all of our services for members-only prices (we are updating the fee sheet);
  • We keep local copies of all your documents on file in Arusha (photocopies and scans of passport, vehicle documents, insurance information, emergency contacts, etc) in case of emergency or loss of documents (this also makes it very easy to apply for permits on your behalf).

Permit facilitation fee:

The CRC acts as a go-between between you and various institutions. It is up to you to make the initial contact with agencies such as TAWIRI, TANAPA or COSTECH, but CRC can follow up on your behalf and save you days or weeks of your time, and a lot of money.

  • We charge $225 if the research permit process has to start from TAWIRI (proposal which has to do with wildlife)
  • We charge $175 If the research permit starts from COSTECH (proposal which has nothing to do with wildlife).

Messenger & ‘queueing’ services:

  • We charge 3,500 TSH per messenger service within the Arusha city centre. Ask for a quote for areas outside the municipality.
  • Dealing with vehicle documents

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