New offices for CRC at the Anglican church

As the managing director of Tanzania Conservation ResourceCentre I am pleased to announce the new offices for CRC. As of the 1st of September 2012 we are now in new offices at the Anglican Church compound (link to map). Entering the gate you will have the church on your right hand side. Straight ahead you will find two office buildings. Our offices are in a small building behind the church offices which is the lowest one of the two – on the left hand side.

The office space itself is of modest size, but we will still be able to provide temporary office space for students, conservationists, researchers in need of a desk. We still have a rich library of books as well as a reliable internet connection. Tea and soda is also available.

Students at work in our old offices.

Next door to our offices are the new convention centre for the church. The centre has two halls suitable for 30 participants and one hall suitable for around 100 participants. Together with the church we will be able to facilitate workshops and training sessions.

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Our main tasks

The Conservation Resource Centre has now been up and running for over seven years serving well over 200 researchers and students with everything from errands to helping out with practical tasks related to picking up resident permits, visas, research permits and more.

Apart from providing you with help on the practical sides of being a researcher in Tanzania we are more than happy to discuss cultural challenges which you might encounter while being in Tanzania. It is our experience that this can be helpful for both students and researcher.

We are happy to serve and contribute to the success of your work.

Meet the staff

For those of you who have not met us before we should introduce ourselves. There are two of us working here now. My name is Dassa Nkini and I am the managing director of CRC. By education I am an optometrist, but my interest for research and oportunities of work has taken me to CRC. I have earlier worked with data registration and quality processes at TAWIRI. I have also briefly worked for a safari company. I have a son, Graem. He is now 3 years old.

Godson Makara is our handyman. He serves the reception desk, runs erands, facilitates at workshops and makes sure our visitors feel at home. Godson is 53 years and he has two kids.


With this we would like to welcome you all to our new offices. As always you are also welcome to contact us by email or phone at your convenience.


Best regards

Dassa Nkini, General manager

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