CRC is looking for new office space

The current Tanzania Conservation Resource Centre offices are in Njiro, not far from the Njiro shopping centre. It is still far enough away rom the Njiro road to leave us with a rather dusty road outside. For students visiting us it hs proved to be a bit too faar out of town. For researchers it is at best a bit cumbersome to get there.

Adding to this that outĀ  landlord has informed us about an upcoming rise in the rent we have conclude that time has come to move on.

We areĀ  looking for a suitable office not too far away from Brewery. Somewhere in between Impala and Arusha New hotel would be excellent.

We need an office space with at lest one library/meeting room. The office should be in a secure environment – preferably gated. If you know a spot or would like to have us in your back yard please let us know!