Training Scholarships Available for Students in Developing Countries to Attend SCB Section Meetings.

Training Scholarships Available for Students in Developing Countries to Attend SCB Section Meetings


A new opportunity is available for students in developing countries to boost their training in conservation science and attend an SCB Section meeting this July/August.


Scholarships of up to $2,000 USD are available for qualifying students to attend a pre-congress short course or workshop along with an SCB regional meeting in Fiji, Malaysia, Scotland, and Montana.


Follow this link for details on the scholarship and the application process:


Eligibility Requirements


–       Applicant must be a student enrolled in a postsecondary institution

–       Applicant must be a citizen of a qualifying developing country

–       Applicant must be a member of SCB


The deadline to apply for a scholarship is Sunday, 25 May 2014.


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Happy christmas!

Dear supporters and friends – Happy Christmas!

2013 has been a busy year filled with a range of activities:

  • In November and December CRC together with external partners arranged training on Distance, GIS and statistics, focussing on open-source (free!) software to help conservation students and researchers.
  • Many members were present at the bi-annual TAWIRI conference
  • Elvis Munis continues his epic travel, Chile2Kili, to raise support scholarships for Tanzanian students within Wildlife Conservation, Resource Management, Ecology or a related field. By sponsoring him you also contribute to the work of CRC.
  • Continuously many students and researches has received help from us to coordinate their research in Tanzania. It has been a pleasure!

Inspired we continue to contribute to the important research done by resident and visiting researchers. Once in a while we tweet about conservation work in Tanzania. Follow us here:

The office will be closed from 23rd December 2013 to 6th January 2014. After this you are most welcome to come visit us at our offices:


The TZCRC offices near Clocktower









Tawiri arranges the 9th Tawiri Scientific Conference

TAWIRI_logosmallThe Organizing Committee of the 9th Biannual TAWIRI Scientific Conference would like to inform you that, the 9th TAWIRI Scientific Conference will be held from 4th-6th December 2013 in Arusha at Snow Crest Hotel. Theme: Sustaining Wildlife Conservation in Growing Socio-economic Demands. Continue reading ‘Tawiri arranges the 9th Tawiri Scientific Conference’ »

CITES-MIKE forensic materials site

Elephant-Jaw-150x150Howard Frederick has put together a draft CITES-MIKE forensic materials site! It is intended as a resource for the forensic investigation of elephant carcasses by patrol staff who are gathering data on elephant mortality for the MIKE programme. Howard explains that  the great majority of the information is from savannah elephant carcasses and we are looking for more information on forest elephant issues (some information on forest elephant carcasses is highlighted in green).

Read more on the website

PacMARA Workshops in May: Conservation planning with Marxan

PacMARA will be holding workshops on Marxan (a conservation planning tool), in Nairobi May 13-15. From their announcement:

This two-day hands-on technical course will provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to use Marxan in a marine conservation planning exercise. The following topics are covered in the Introduction to Marxan:

    • Key concepts in systematic conservation planning
    • Creating planning units
    • Creating the essential Marxan input files
    • Parameter setting in Marxan
    • Understanding and using Marxan results
    • Zonae Cogito (front-end software to support Marxan)
    • A brief introduction to Marxan with Zones

We will be holding an Introduction to Marxan Course on 13-14 May and a Marxan for Managers Workshop on 15 May in Nairobi, Kenya at the office of the African Wildlife Foundation. Please register here: or contact us at or 778-300-1801 for more information or to suggest future courses. More information on the course and workshop is provided below.

GIS training in Nairobi

ESRI-logoESRI Eastern Africa is arranging GIS training in Nairobi from the 25-26th of April 2013. They suggest the following particiants: Managers, Technicians and specialists in Land Planning, Survey, Adjudication, GIS, GPS, IT, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Land Ministries, Directorate of Lands and the Department of Defence.

Says Esri Eastern Africa: “National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) are bestowed with the sole authority of creation and distribution of maps to both the government and the public sectors. With continuous demands on land related issues, the NMAs are in continuous production to meet the ever increasing planning, survey, adjudication, mapping, cartographic and information systems demands. The seminar will enable NMAs to improve their working efficiencies, improve quality, reduce production time and increase service delivery.

Read more about the training here.

Other agencies providing GIS related training are encouraged to post information about their activities on the Tanzania GIS User Group website or mailing list.