Research permit applications

The permit application process

To do research in Tanzania, you must have permission from the relevant authority and have a C class residence permit (research / volunteer / NGO residence) in you passport. Though procedures vary, the general process involves:

  1. Obtaining permission from the ‘host’ agency – TAWIRI, a university, the National Institute of Medical Research, or others;
  2. The host then passes on your application to the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) for approval;
  3. The application typically returns to the host who then passes it to the Immigration Department.

This process typically takes months rather than weeks, particularly as the management and research boards of various institutions do not have synchronised schedules. If you or your institution are already involved with a local institution (i.e. a university), then there may be procedures already in place for this application.

The HALI project has an excellent page summarising the process.

Permit application assistance from CRC

The CRC assists researchers as an intermediary with various agencies in Tanzania. It is up to the researcher to make the initial contact with at least the host agency, but CRC can help to submit copies of applications, receive research fees in our account and pay them on your behalf, and follow up on documents.

While it is important to emphasise that CRC has no official position with any of the research or protected area government bodies in Tanzania, we are able to act as a messenger and often save researchers weeks of their valuable time.

Links and procedures

2013-04-07 This section will be updated with procedures and up-to-date forms and information during the coming month.

The Tanzania Comission of Science and Technology (COSTECH) is the primary body for research coordination in Tanzania and acts as a clearing house for information – they provide the authority to request residence permits from Immigration.

The Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) regulates wildlife research in Tanzania and is the first stop for anyone working in wildlife or wildlife-related research:

  • TAWIRI has issued research Guidelines for 2012
  • Application Forms (also courtesy of the Hali Project)
  • Fees are variable depending on subject area and may be found in the research guidelines.

Citizens of most countries may enter Tanzania on tourist visas, but for long-term stays and to work or perform research you must obtain a residence permit from the Immigration Department. If you are only doing research, you need a C permit (currently $550 fee).

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