Tawiri arranges the 9th Tawiri Scientific Conference

TAWIRI_logosmallThe Organizing Committee of the 9th Biannual TAWIRI Scientific Conference would like to inform you that, the 9th TAWIRI Scientific Conference will be held from 4th-6th December 2013 in Arusha at Snow Crest Hotel. Theme: Sustaining Wildlife Conservation in Growing Socio-economic Demands.

Sub themes:

1. Human-wildlife interaction

2. Ecosystem health (disease ecology, zoonoses, one health and ecohealth)

3. Ethno-botany and vegetation ecology

4. Wildlife ecology and Ecological interactions

5. Wetlands and water resources conservation

6. Climate Change (Impacts, Mitigation and adaptations)

7. Beekeeping research and development


Read more on the TAWIRI webpages.


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